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Omg!! So good!! Had a divorciado ...
Omg!! So good!! Had a divorciado burrito and it was delicious!! Their habanero salsa is fire!!
Priscilla S. via - Nov 13, 2020
Great food. I would always get ...
Great food. I would always get the wet burrito here. Service is great. The only reason I'm giving it a 4 star is because the portion of meat they put in the burrito is lacking. If they gave more meat, this place would easily be a 5/5 star. Meat quality is also superb as they serve usda meats.
Raymond L. via - Nov 11, 2020
I've ordered food here twice and ...
I've ordered food here twice and both times the food was delicious and the prices are reasonable.  Restaurant is clean and staff is friendly and helpful.  I recommend this restaurant.
Linda M. via - Oct 29, 2020
This place is amazing. The refríes beans are great for the burrito and the black beans and white rice are perfect for the bowls. I definitely recommend coming here. It’s like chipotle but it’s real Mexican food ... read more
Daniel Rodriguez via - Oct 8, 2020
First try & thumbs up to this fast ...
First try & thumbs up to this fast Mexican food spot.  Delish.  But, they forgot my Jamaica drink so I was sad - I hope they refund what I paid for it!  Food good, food fast, staff capable.  Help this place stay in business.  Easy to park, grab and get out - Very Covid friendly!  STAY WELL! STAY SAFE!
Y A. via - Sep 24, 2020
COVID-19 edition.  This place only ...
COVID-19 edition.  This place only serves take out.  It's so happened it was Tuesday, and they have Taco Tuesday special!

Since I've never been here before and was hungry, I dared to try 5 tacos (hey, I figured they're small!) because I wanted to try the different meat -- Carne Asada, Barbacoa, chicken, Al Pastor, Birria.  Ser
... read more
Nina S. via - Sep 5, 2020
Their refried beans are excellent! ...
Their refried beans are excellent! The bare-Itto bowl is a good portion. Their asada, chicken, and Birria meats are delightful with good flavor. We have ordered takeout and have also used food delivery and their food quality is always excellent. Highly recommend.
Allison L. via - Sep 3, 2020
This place is amazing! They have ...
This place is amazing! They have such awesome, authentic food and they're always so so friendly and quick when we come in. We're quickly becoming regulars. I also love that they have great vegetarian options.
Linda A. via - Sep 1, 2020
The owners are super friendly and ...
The owners are super friendly and make every visit enjoyable. Their food is amazing and the birria is so good! I have yet to find a place in Pomona with better birria. I've spent every Tuesday and Thursday in their restaurant for lunch over the last 4 months and it's the best spot!
Katherine C. via - Jul 27, 2020
their wet burritos are my fav and ...
their wet burritos are my fav and the owner is so nice, my go-to place for lunch when i'm working in pomona ... read more
Erin G. via - Jul 15, 2020
Awesome and perfect ... read more
BIG WILL via - Jul 8, 2020
Went in this morning too buy a ...
Went in this morning too buy a burrito de asada and man was it good, Great service, Happy People.
Alex S. via - Jun 23, 2020
Always treating me like a VIP and ...
Always treating me like a VIP and food is wonderful. I recommend the Bare-rrito... amazing!!
Anaisa D. via - Jun 23, 2020
Great customer service and love ...
Great customer service and love when they have Taco Tuesday and Burrrito Thursday's. A great spot near Cal Poly Pomona and as a student it was very convenient to pick up or eat a burrito.
Andrew N. via - May 14, 2020
Best Mexican food in the area with ...
Best Mexican food in the area with some of the best and most friendly service around. The al pastor and fish are especially good but I haven't been disappointed yet.
Grant L. via - Mar 17, 2020
I was happy to find a decent taco ...
I was happy to find a decent taco shop. The food is fresh and the prices are reasonable. My only concern is the service, it's poor. I typically pick up food. They forgot to give me the chips and salsa. When I addressed this with them, the response was that they didn't remember. I do realize that it's a minor issue and I certainly do ... read more
Olivia S. via - Mar 14, 2020
Had a quesadilla, food tasted fresh, service was friendly. The place could use some music.
Z via - Mar 9, 2020
Honestly the food is amazing, but ...
Honestly the food is amazing, but that's not what impressed me the most. Their service, is impeccable. The way they treated a homeless man today was inspiring, and  gave me hope for humanity.
Jose H. via - Feb 26, 2020
Loved the food. Service was spectacular.
Tee E via - Feb 25, 2020
Los chilaquiles verdes were bomb!!! ...
Los chilaquiles verdes were bomb!!! They were spicy, crunchy and very delicious. They reminded me of the chilaquiles from Jalisco. The rice and pinto beans were good as well.
Jessicaa F. via - Feb 25, 2020
AMAZING FOOD and AMAZING PRICE!!  Hands down one of the best tacos, beans and rice I have had. Definitely will come again!
Linda K. via - Feb 18, 2020
Certainly a place worth trying, the food is fantastic and fresh, the prices are fair and it is constantly neat here. Kudos.
Jerry Lloyd via - Feb 14, 2020
Loved the carne asada quesadilla ... read more
Carlos Chichia via - Feb 11, 2020
Fast friendly service and delicious food. Same price as Chipotle but sooo much better.
Jason Morrow via - Jan 27, 2020
Pre-prepared assortment meat, rice, beans and veggies for tacos and burritos on steam table. Cold salsa bar. For fast service. Other items available. Taco Tuesday and Burritos Thursday offer discounts. I eat here on Thursdays. Good food I recommend.
Michael T Moore via - Jan 23, 2020
This place was great! Very friendly staff and delicious food. They also have VEGAN options!! Will definitely return. Their habanero salsa was so good, super spicey, would recommend getting it on the side. Their refried beans are also super good, they add spices to them.
jessica lyn via - Jan 23, 2020
Got a Birria burrito divorciado ...
Got a Birria burrito divorciado and fuuuck that shit was delicious af. I ate the whole thing and don't feel unhealthy at all. The green and red sauce isn't spicy just flavorful but the salsa at the salsa bar has a good kick too it. I highly recommend this place ... read more
E H. via - Jan 21, 2020
Todo rico ... read more
Silvia con todo fervor y amor Hernandez via - Jan 14, 2020
I've only tried their tacos. Both ...
I've only tried their tacos. Both carne asada and pollo. I like the carne asada best. I get them with tomatoes and the cilantro and onions. I help myself at the salsa bar with radishes and the habanero salsa. The tortillas are freshly made in front of you.

The only negative is their hours seem to be catering to Cal Poly. I ca
... read more
Brian L. via - Jan 9, 2020
Taco Tuesday's, 1.49 tacos all day.
Kevin Williams via - Jan 8, 2020
Hands down best tacos I've had ...
Hands down best tacos I've had in the area. Meat tastes of high quality, couple that with there unique seasoning and sauces and you've got some
Incredibly tasty grub. The owner clearly cares about about producing an excellent product. Great find!
kareem r. via - Dec 26, 2019
Me fascina la comida aquí es recontra reconendable ... read more
Cesar Rubinos via - Dec 13, 2019
Try their birra. It's bomb. However, I don't recommend eating a whole bowl in one sitting. I regretted it.
Ricardo Silva via - Dec 12, 2019
Great place. Tacos are extraordinary ...
Great place. Tacos are extraordinary. The way is set up is like subway you tell them what you want. Tortillas are made as you order and is just a modern feel to the ol Mexican cuisine ... read more
David X. via - Dec 11, 2019
Excellent food, and service. The proprietor takes immense pride in the food he serves!
Jacquelyn Saldamando via - Dec 9, 2019
I'm vegan so this was super refreshing ...
I'm vegan so this was super refreshing from all the chipotle burritos I've been having.
This tasted like a real street style burrito and taco.
I love how the refried beans are vegan because I can't remember the last time I've had those.
It's super good and I don't feel hungry after my meal. $8 for a burrito not bad especi
... read more
Ociana R. via - Nov 21, 2019
One of the best Taco places in ...
One of the best Taco places in Pomona. I highly recommend to eat here. Authentic hand made tortillas. With exquisite meat that is fresh. 100% Angus Beef. They also have wonderful service with home style vibe. Definitely a 10/10.
Carl B. via - Nov 19, 2019
This is a fantastic place with some many options and authentic flavors. When I went they had over 5 salsa options. That's unheard of !! You won't be disappointed!
Bey Love via - Nov 7, 2019
This is my Favorite Mexican Food ...
This is my Favorite Mexican Food in the whole world.
The Food is Fantastic
Great Customer Services
I will keep coming back
... read more
Maria G. via - Nov 1, 2019
This place never disappoints! Except ...
This place never disappoints! Except for when i wish I had ordered more. lol. Everything is fresh. Some of the meats are a bit saltier but packed with flavor! I come back week after week and the tacos have been a winner with anyone who goes with me. The fish tacos are just delicious and made to order so will take just slightly longer ... read more
Sake A. via - Oct 29, 2019
It's fresh food ... read more
steve breeding via - Oct 28, 2019
We found this place by accident but love it. The food is fresh. Tortillas made fresh on the spot. Beef is top notch. Service reminds me of the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld. After entering the door, make sure you promptly get in line, decide how many tacos you want and let the lady know when asked (because she will only make the tort ... read more
Dha via - Oct 24, 2019
When you're in Pomona, you've got ...
When you're in Pomona, you've got to have authentic Mexican!  Good thing is not hard to find. This place makes tacos from scratch, rolled out in front of you. Ingredients are fresh and the food is awesome!!!  Service is excellent!! Good is authentic and the serving sizes are huge!! Highly recommend!!!
Kim P. via - Oct 23, 2019
Me and my coworker work in Pomona ...
Me and my coworker work in Pomona and we keep trying to find a good restaurant in the area that we like. We decided to stop by this local taco place... it was the most incredible, authentic, fresh, flavorful Mexican food I've had in a long time. And the staff was so friendly and welcoming. This place is a MUST ... read more
Jaclyn S. via - Oct 22, 2019
When the corn taco shell are made ...
When the corn taco shell are made from scratch and served with your meal - tells you of the freshness. The menu is small but everything can be served with custom requests and generous portions. The service is immaculate and extremely personable. Not to mention the food is DELICIOUS!...did I mention reasonable.
Danial K. via - Oct 13, 2019
The best ... read more
Silvia Martinez via - Oct 11, 2019
Amazing food, the cook was very attentive to us. Really authentic food. Nice homelike atmosphere & it's kind of like panda express but with beans, rice, & one main food. peep at that student discount 👌🏽 ... read more
Alondra Ceron via - Oct 10, 2019
Great authenic Mexican food ... read more
Reinhard Koehler via - Oct 10, 2019
Authentic? Yes, but pricey also where's their menu? There's like no menu in this place. I was confused on what to order when I came in. Great food though that's for sure. Paid $13 for two fish tacos and a scoop of brans and rice & regular drink.
Alex P. via - Sep 26, 2019
Fast & friendly service. It's great to have vegan and vegetarian options adapted into quick authentic Mexican food. You can taste the difference ... read more
David Moreno via - Sep 26, 2019
If you want some quick homemade ...
If you want some quick homemade authentic Mexican food this is the place. They make their tortillas daily, there burritos are my go to because they're massive and I have a big stomach.
Nick L. via - Sep 26, 2019
Fantastic authenticity of Mexican food ... read more
Albert Visio via - Sep 23, 2019
Always a good fresh meal...hard shell tacos are bomb...burritos are filling..
Richard Cerda via - Sep 22, 2019
I am currently pregnant and super ...
I am currently pregnant and super picky with my food especially Mexican! I got to give it to them, it's definitely delicious and will be coming back for more! Menu is pretty simple which is awesome because the service is pretty fast. Love the customer service too! Thank you!!!
Maria R. via - Sep 18, 2019
You can see that the tortillas ...
You can see that the tortillas for their tacos are handmade, but larger tortillas for burritos are bought. I got their wet burrito divorciado with al pastor. I feel like they don't put as much meat as other places, but it's still good. The red salsa was alright, but the green salsa was great.
Lorraine R. via - Sep 17, 2019
Great food and service ... read more
Jorge Fonseca via - Sep 9, 2019
Awesome people and awesome food!!!
Allan Maltes via - Sep 6, 2019
The food is DELICIOUS! Traditions ...
The food is DELICIOUS! Traditions rice and pinto beans are just like my momma makes. Price? Eh a little pricey however, you get what you pay for! The portions are great! The burritos are PACKED! I come here every now and then and I either get the taco plate or a burrito. The carne asada and pastor is what I usually order. Both are gr ... read more
April L. via - Sep 6, 2019
Everything is fresh. Handmade tortillas. Great delicious food, great service, best fish tacos in town.
Roman E. via - Sep 5, 2019
This place is for real authentic Mexican food. They make flavor full meat and salsa. Never forget the taste of burrito and tacos here.
Erick Yee via - Sep 5, 2019
Everything is fresh !
randy aguirre via - Sep 1, 2019
I’m coming back. Environment is amazing. Feels like you’re at home. It’s like a Mexican Subway but 1,000 times better. Everything has flavor and the SALSAS are DELICIOUS. Don’t hesitate to stop by. VEGETARIAN OPTIONS!❤️🙌 ... read more
Carlos Quintana via - Aug 22, 2019
Delicious food, large portion burrito ... read more
Agustin Martinez via - Aug 21, 2019
This place is so delicious i got the asada wet burrito and it was good my friend got the pastor and the taste on that pastor was out of this world my friend gave me some to taste as soon as it touched my tongue my taste buds went through the roof oh my god i know what i am getting next time i come here the pastor burrito fo sure.....
alfred onate via - Aug 20, 2019
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